Penis Stretchers VS Vacuum Pumps

Frequently known at as likewise or nearer in function penis and stretchers pumps are extremely diverse in function, objective and develop, outcomes or even security.


  • Penis Stretcher – a physical system used to completely acquire penis enhancement (duration and width)
  • Penis Vacuum Pump – a unique system used to briefly acquire erection by developing a suction effect


  • Penis Stretcher – for penis enhancement, supplementary usage is for erection dysfunction problems main usage is

Operating Theory

  • Penis Vacuum Pump – by developing a vacuum within the device the penis is loaded with body and in a brief period of time becomes difficult and ready for sex; the theory employed by this device is suction
  • Penis Stretcher – traction may be the theory utilized by the unit; using a continuing traction drive across the penis activates its capability to acquire width and duration through what’s referred to as mobile multiplication

So how exactly does it function

  • Penis Stretcher – once the penile tissue is topic of the grip force the normal response would be to produce tissue; tiny tissue ruptures occur at cell stage; over time these ruptures recover and the tissue is lengthier/fuller; it appears like an intense process but under a managed force/pressure it’s secure thus the requirement to make use of a quality gadget.

Period necessary to work

  • Penis vacuum pump – two to three units it’s all a penis pump must create an erection; the result is likely to be temporary and you ought to not anticipate long haul results or enhancements
  • Penis extender – a penis extender must be used on daily schedule for some weeks; the changes need certainly to occur gradually however the outcomes is likely to be everlasting


  • Penis stretcher – the typical dimension gain centered on health-related reports is 1 – 3 inches long and maximum 1.5 inches thick


  • Penis extenders – you will find no unwanted effects when used correctly
  • Penis vacuum pump – even if utilized correctly prolonged utilization can result in accidents

Main Unwanted Effects

  • Penis stretcher – for this day no significant unwanted effects have now been documented about the band type products (type Sizegenetics)
  • Penis vacuum pump – threat of flooding capillaries, get sores or incorrect flow top in extreme cases to impotence; have now been documented cases of testicle being drawn into the pump and invoking serious discomfort; the fringe of the pump tube may cut into your skin and damage the structures within the penile region


  • Penis extenders – outcomes display gradually but are long-sustained
  • Penis vacuum pumps – outcomes happen within a few minutes but vanish rapidly


  • Penis stretcher – the purchase price may look high but at a nearer look over an extended time period they’re much more cost-efficient than almost every other penis enhancement techniques (

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